How to Prevent Corona COVID-19 Virus

Various efforts in preventing the COVID-19 corona virus have been carried out by the public. Starting from washing hands cleanly, using masks, avoiding crowded places or known as Social Distance, not shaking hands temporarily, to maintaining a distance of 1-2 meters with others. These efforts have been made with the aim of preventing the corona virus transmission chain.

Many effects arising from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. One of the government’s efforts to minimize the spread of the corona virus is to apply home study, worship at home and work at home Work From Home (WFH) for public and private employees. In addition we must also maintain personal hygiene and also the health of our bodies in the following ways:

1. Maintaining Healthy Body Immune

At times like this, make sure we really take care of our health. Do not let the immune system decrease, because the virus will easily attack when the immune system decreases. There are several things you can do to protect your body’s immune system:

    Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit
    Get plenty of rest (adults: 7-8 hours, teens: 9-10 hours)
    Manage Stress
    Routine Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, can be started from walking.
    Avoid cigarettes and alcohol
    Drink mineral water of at least 1.5 L per day

2. Proper Hand Washing

You must already know that washing hands is a powerful way to kill germs or viruses that want to enter the body. Try washing your hands using running water with soap, for at least 20 seconds. If you have difficulty getting water, you can use hand sanitizers and wet wipes that contain at least 70% alcohol.

3. Apply Ethics When Sneezing & Coughing

Cover your mouth with a tissue if you cough & sneeze. If you are not carrying a tissue or mask, you can cover your mouth with your palm. But, make sure you don’t touch your face or touch other people and wash your hands thoroughly. This is done so that your environment is not infected.

4. Social distance

Let’s support our family, friends, and relatives starting from ourselves not to travel unless it’s really urgent.

5. Use a Mask when it hurts

Nobody knows our body better than ourselves. If you start feeling unwell like coughing and sneezing, make sure you wear a mask, ok? Especially if you are in a public place. This is the most important corona virus prevention. And make sure you use a scissor mask so that no one can wear it again.

6. Avoid eating meat is not ripe

Do you like to eat meat? Maturity level of medium rare is often the choice for meat meat? Let’s reduce it! Seeing the current situation, eating meat is better avoided, let alone eating wild animal meat, it is not healthy for our bodies

Well, there are 6 effective ways you can do to prevent corona virus. For the sake of mutual health and safety, let’s start using the methods above to avoid the coronavirus or COVID-19 virus.

If you have begun to feel unwell, or experience symptoms of corona virus such as fever, cough and runny nose, respiratory distress, sore throat and also fatigue, immediately see a doctor to find out the condition of your body.